Implement System Changes to Achieve Inclusive Results

Diversity is a core strength of Fairfax County. We should be inspired by and seek to carry forward the vision of Reston founder Robert E. Simon Jr. who created the first open community in Virginia – a place where people of all races could live together. And this was just over 50 years ago.

Today we face new challenges to ensure inclusion and equity on many levels, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income, ability, or where someone lives or has lived.

In 2016 Fairfax County took a major step forward with the adoption of the One Fairfax policy, and Walter is committed to making the systemic changes necessary to achieve the One Fairfax vision.

Finally, we must work to ensure that no person, entity, nor company controls all the infrastructure for an entire community. That’s why Walter wants Fairfax County to discourage monopolistic ownership of our major commercial centers.

When a single landowner controls all retailer rents, access to all parking garages, and decides what will be built, the broader community suffers. Our country’s economy emerged from the initiative of multiple entities working not as a monopoly but independently – often in competition, but also in collaboration to make communities – and whenever any entity becomes too strong then it is the responsibility of government to level the playing field in the interest all.


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