Protect and Promote the Environment Locally and Globally

Develop a Fairfax County Energy and Climate Action Plan for both county operations — three percent of the local problem — and its residents, which generate 97 percent of Fairfax County greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The plan should incorporate the following:

  1. Affordable Living/Housing Strategy. Focus benefits of this plan (e.g., lower energy bills) on communities that would benefit the most as an extension of the county’s affordable housing initiatives.
  2. Sustainable Mobility. Prioritize low-carbon transportation options and related strategies around transit, walking, biking, telecommuting, electric vehicles, and emerging mobility options that reduce GHG emissions.
  3. Incorporate Renewable Energy Strategies into Facility Renovations and New Construction Projects. Plan and budget for the implementation of solar, wind and other renewable energy generation into the County’s Capital Improvement Program.
  4. Put this into the Comprehensive Plan. Update the Environment Section of the Comprehensive Plan to put the plan into practice across all county internal planning and land use approvals.
  5. Reston Golf Courses Redevelopment. During the past several years the landowners of Reston’s golf courses have sought to redevelop the courses into something else, and such proposals go against the adopted comprehensive plan. As Hunter Mill Supervisor I would strengthen the role of affected residents by not initiating any possible change to the comprehensive plan until communities surrounding the courses so requested (i.e., residents in affected clusters – not developer-owned properties). Even then there must be support from the broader community (e.g., golfers, users of the trails through the course).   Absent such support the golf courses should remain golf courses.


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